“Truly exceptional product with superior quality and FAR more consistency than ANY similar looking puck made Overseas!!! Far better playing puck than any manufacturer has ever made – including Dom”
-Marc Petruccelli, President of Dom Sports, World Leader in the manufacturing of floor hockey equipment, www.domsports.com

“You have a unique product that can’t be found anywhere else. Your floor hockey pucks are the best thing going.”
-Terry Olson, Adult Rec League, Ramsey, Minnesota

“I have been waiting 28 years for someone to invent a great floor hockey puck. Best gym (physical education)class invention in the last 30 years! Best floor hockey pucks on the market! Here is a floor hockey puck that acts like a real puck but doesn’t hurt. Safe – durable – responds like a real puck. Nobody gets hurt with this floorhockey puck! f you’re a hockey player, you’ll love this floor hockey puck.”
 -Dave Martin Turnberry Composite School, Wingham Ontario

“We were very impressed with the quality and durability. I think other schools should be using them, so I have spread the word.”
-Robert Tessiee, St Matthew School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“We have had a floor hockey team made up of 40 year olds and older for the last 28 years and needless to say, many of us are getting a bit “long in the tooth”. We continue to play two nights a week as long as we are physically able. The workout and camaraderie make it just as enjoyable as the first time we played. I recently ordered your felt puck as a demo and the guys loved it. We have been using the felt puck for the past month and after we have adjusted to the speed, accuracy and less noise offered by the felt puck, we all agree to continue to use it.

As a principal of a large school … I have had our teachers use this puck with the children and they love it too. All of us agree that the felt puck is better than the orange plastic ones we have been using. Send me 12 more. Thanking you in advance for your wonderful product.”
-Chet Patterson Men’s Rec League, Pius XII School, Sudbury, Ontario

“All elementary schools in Williams Lake have used the Profelt™ Puck for the past several years. It is the puck we use in our Inter-School league in which upwards of 600 boys and girls play Floor Hockey. On a gym floor, this puck handles very well and can be passed and shot with force and accuracy. It is light enough to be very compatible with plastic hockey sticks, the only type of stick we use in our schools. In addition to its handling and shooting properties, the Profelt Puck is safer than plastic balls and pucks because it doesn’t leave serious bruises and welts when a player blocks it. The janitor will appreciate the fact that it doesn’t do any damage to the gym walls. FOR FLOOR HOCKEY, THIS PUCK IS THE GREATEST!”
-Pat Radolla Floor Hockey Coordinator, Williams Lake, British Columbia

“…It is so much safer and it slides really well on our gym floor. … Thanks for a great product!”
-J Gordon, H. G. Bernard School, Richmond Hill, Ontario

“The Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck you sent us gets 10 out of 10 and you can quote me on that!”
 -John Cafferata, Teslin School,Teslin, Yukon

“The kids really like playing with them. There have been less injuries (bruises) than other “pucks” have caused.”
-Randy Boscher, École King George School, Prince Albert Saskatchewan

“…have tried your Profelt™ Puck and really liked it. One can control the pucks and it certainly doesn’t hurt when you get hit. We would like to order…”
-Dominic Buccini, Phys Ed Dept Head, Dakota Collegiate, Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I have used the Profelt™ Puck in my PE classes since they first came on the market. They are OUTSTANDING.! I have had Junior A and Junior B hockey players in class who had their doubts but after class informed me that they really liked the puck . Our goalies also like it because it is so much safer than using a ball. It is great for drills. I can’t say enough good things about the Profelt™ Puck. Try it and you’ll like it.”
-Walter Becker, PE Department, Athletic Director, North Delta Secondary, BC

“Great Pucks…I have been using them here in Nova Scotia for about 8 years. They’re simply awesome!”
-Jeff Moore Athletic Director, Wolfville School Nova Scotia

“I fell in love with your puck the first time I used it… Thanks for a great product.”
Jeff Aarts ,Oscar Blackburn School, South Indian Lake, Manitoba

“Mallory, I am just reading your letter re: Profelt™ Pucks… I brought them down to Hope with me ten years ago and still use them. I will be sending an order for some more since mine are now wearing a little thin.”
-Ron Kurki C. E. Barry School, Hope BC

“The Profelt™ Puck is excellent!! The students really enjoyed using it and as a teacher I was happy because of how soft and forgiving it is.”
-Brian Evans St Mary’s Catholic School, Trenton Ontario

“We Love it! No going back to plastic balls or pucks after playing with the Profelt™ Puck.”
-Marie Kirchhofer, Chase Primary School, Chase British Columbia

“Thanks for the pucks, they’re AWESOME!”
-Jean Michel Sauvé Elijah Smith Elementary, Whitehorse, Yukon

“WOW!!!! This floor hockey puck is fantastic. It has been used a lot in our classes and the kids absolutely love it! It handles like a real puck, moves well on the gym floor and most importantly, does not hurt anybody if they get hit in an “unprotected” area!”
-Rob Laderoute Brookfield High School, Ottawa, Ontario

“Thanks for 10 Original Profelt™ Pucks they work great! The pucks don’t bounce as much as other floor hockey pucks do. It makes it easier to pass the puck around to other players. It’s like a real hockey puck. Everyone here is happy with it and you will be hearing from me next year for more pucks.”
 -Tony Lai Floor Hockey Coordinator, College Park School, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“…they seem to fly true without wobble. All the guys are extremely impressed with the passing and shooting accuracy. Also very little bruising. …Again I have to say you have one heck of a product that works just like a real puck, we are all of us very impressed and very pleased to have come across your product.”
-Ken Hauck Men’s Rec Floor Hockey, Regina, Saskatchewan

“We tried your puck in grade 12 gym class yesterday. Many of the students said “it was the best puck we have used yet” and we have used some decent felt pucks. The goalies indicated that it did not hurt off some hard shots. It stays flat on the floor for the most part & was “felt” on the stick blade.”
-Jim Rodrigues St Joseph’s High School, Windsor, Ontario

“I have used it thoroughly with my students, and have been extremely pleased with the results. The floor hockey puck has helped to promote safe stick control, as it takes more fine motor control to control the puck as opposed to the orange hockey balls we had been using. I no longer see the “wild swiping” in attempts to move the ball. This uncontrolled, unsafe stick practice has been replaced by thoughtful, concentrated stick handling.”
 -Ian Johnson Blessed Kateri Separate School, Kitchener, Ontario