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The Profelt™ Puck Guy

Mallory Owens of Profelt Pucks

Mallory Owen, inventor, manufacturer and sports enthusiast invented the Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck.

Although he has been manufacturing the Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck since 1987, the story started many years earlier.

As a kid Mallory loved ice hockey and its gymnasium version, floor hockey or gym hockey, as the game is known by some of our American neighbours.

If there was a game of floor hockey in the school gym, Mallory was usually playing. The only drawback to gym hockey was the plastic pucks, which were difficult to control and resulted in some pain for the players.

As an adult, he found floor hockey to be an excellent team sport for fun and fitness. He and his friends played a very competitive game. They enjoyed challenging each others speed and skills. The only thing lacking was a puck that allowed a high level of performance and safety.

The floor hockey pucks on the market were simply not good enough. They were too heavy or too light or too soft or too hard. Mallory’s innovation and creativity were called upon.

He went about developing the best floor hockey puck to meet the needs of his team mates and the game they loved to play.

Over a number of seasons and after many trials of different materials, the Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck was created. His team mates said it was the best floor hockey puck ever.