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Floor Hockey Rules

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Floor hockey is a non-contact adaptive sport. Rules of the game vary according to the age and ability of the players and the facility available. The following rules are typical of a floor hockey league playing on a regulation size basketball court:

  1. Play starts with the placing or dropping of a puck, for a face-off, at the centre of the playing area, by the referee.
  2. One player from each team lines up at the centre for the face-off. Sticks are placed in a straight line not less than 10cm from the puck.
  3. At the face-off players must be on their own side of the face-off spot.
  4. There is no offside rule (except for face-off positioning).
  5. Players may be substituted at a face-off or on the move.
  6. Play is resumed by a face-off when play is stopped for:
    1. Penalties – at point of infraction.
    2. Goals – at centre.
    3. Pucks held by goalie in crease or against the net – on spot on floor on that side of goal.
    4. Pucks which land on mesh of net at the back – on spot on floor on that side of goal.
    5. Puck passed using hands (except in defensive zone by defensive players) – in the area of hand pass.
  7. Goalies:
    1. May assume any position, except to fall on their knees without pressure being applied.
    2. May hold the puck in the crease or on the side of the net.
    3. May hold the puck outside the crease but may not cause a delay in the game.
  8. Goal Crease:
    1. The crease (masking tape) shall be 1 m wide and 2 m long
    2. Goals are disallowed if:
      1. The player or team-mate has any part of his/her body in the crease area when a goal is scored.
      2. If an attacking player is pushed into the crease and a goal is scored.
  9. Equipment:
    1. Plastic Sticks – wooden inserts may be placed in the plastic shaft – all sticks must have plastic blades.
    2. Profelt™ Puck – Any type of Profelt™ Puck may be used.
    3. Goalie – street hockey pads, trapper, and blocker only. Goaltender’s mask must be worn. A baseball glove may be used in place of a street hockey trapper.
    4. Player – knee pads (without shin guards) may be worn.
  10. Penalties:
    1. No more than 2 players penalized at one time per team (two players off the floor).
    2. Two minutes for minor infractions.
    3. Five minutes for major infractions.
    4. Severity of an infraction (minor vs major) is determined by the referee.
    5. Infractions:
      1. Slashing.
      2. Holding.
      3. Roughing or body checking.
      4. Disputing a referee’s call.
      5. Unsportsmanlike behaviour.
      6. High sticking (a raised stick – tip of blade or more above waist – should be called anywhere). A goalie may also be given a penalty for a high stick if, in the opinion of the referee, it was dangerous to an opposing player.
      7. Freezing the puck.
      8. Catching the puck with hand (defensemen may catch in mid-section and hold for a face-off).
      9. Too many players on the floor.
      10. An offensive player hitting the goalie’s glove with the stick if the goalie has his/her glove on the puck.
  11. Length of Game:
    1. The game consist of three 20 minute periods (straight time).
    2. A 2-minute rest period between periods.
    3. Sudden death overtime will be played only in the final championship game.
  12. Players per Team:
    1. 12 years & under – no more than six, and no less than three players on the floor, including the goalie, at any one time.
    2. 3+ years – no more than five, and no less than three players on the floor, including the goalie, at any one time.

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