Frequently Asked Questions

Is it the best floor hockey puck available?
We believe it is. Our customers believe it is. Read the Testimonials.
How long do they last?
Profelt™ Floor Hockey Pucks cannot break. They are made of wool, which wears very well. One school principal reports using the same 10 pucks for ten years. He ordered more because his were “wearing a little thin”.
How well does it shoot?
You can shoot the Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck accurately, using a hard shot or a soft shot.
How does it handle?
The Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck handles on a gym floor much like an ice hockey puck handles on ice.
What about passing?
The Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck is excellent for saucer and flat passes. Its curved edge helps prevent rolling.
Do they hurt when shot hard?
Felt has very good “shock absorption” properties. The impact is absorbed by the puck rather than imparted to the object (player). Hard shots can be blocked or stopped with little fear of pain.
What sticks work best with Profelt™ Floor Hockey Pucks?
All types of gym and floor hockey sticks work well with Profelt™ Pucks (i.e. plastic, wood, aluminium, fibreglass).
What playing surface is best for Profelt™ Pucks?
Any smooth, hard surface provides for excellent floor hockey. Hardwood, tiled or linoleum floors are ideal.