Anatomy of a ProFelt™ Floor Hockey Puck2018-12-17T14:09:02+00:00

The Safer FUNctional Floor Hockey Puck.

ProFelt Puck anatomy diagram

To the game of floor hockey comes the puck for floor hockey. Safer, simple and functional the Profelt™ Puck is to floor hockey what the rubber puck is to ice hockey – without many of the dangers attributed to flying rubber.

  • The Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck glides well and can be shot quickly with accuracy. It handles predictably minimizing bounce and roll. This performance is achieved without compromising safety.
  • Design and material make the Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck safer, yet effective, keeping the level of fun high.
  • .The remarkable Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck consists of a disc of felt sewn just inside its periphery. Felt is produced using mechanical action to interlock wool fibres. The Profelt™ Floor Hockey Puck is, in essence, compressed wool, a natural product.
  • The result is a durable non-marking, smooth-sliding disc, which retains its shape without fraying, “game in and game out”.
  • Sewing helps the Profelt™ Puck keep its shape while causing the edge to curve slightly, minimizing bounce and roll thereby maximizing control.
  • Floor hockey players from novice to expert now have available to them a puck, which allows them to perform with less control problems and bruises associated with other pucks.
  • The Profelt™ Puck is designed with safety in mind. Risk of injury is inherent in floor hockey. Strategies should be implemented to minimize risks.